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About Us


Forward at Every Step of the Way

Our company has been founded in 1988 as one of the organizations of Norm Holding. In 1999, it entered the coating sector by putting into operation the first automatic electrolytic Zinc Coating line. In 2007, Electrolytic Zinc coating quality has been upgraded to European Norms with MacDermid license. The same year, Dörken MKS license has been obtained. DeltaProtekt Al/Zn (Zinc lamella) coating plant investment has been made and the mechanical coating type has been added to the product range. In 2009, MacDermid licensed Alkali Zn/Ni (Zinc/Nickel) line has been established. In 2012, Magni (Zinc Lamella) license has been obtained. In 2015, NOF (Geomet) license has been obtained and the product range has been expanded to include mechanical coating. In early 2016, Zinc phosphate coating and Zinc nickel new plant and Geomet coating has been taken into operation. It keeps on investing by keeping up to date technology in the direction of customers' expectation.

Expanding its product range by 2016, our company meets the demands of our customers in a qualified manner, in accordance with the standards and on time thanks to its expert staff. A total of 187 employees work in Uysal Makina head office, Salihli coating plant and Uysal 2 branch. It continues its services in 51500 m2 closed area and 32500 m2 open area together with the head office and two branches.

The machine portfolio it has is as follows.

  • Zinc Coating plant: 7
  • Zinc Nickel Coating Plant: 2
  • Zinc Lamellar Coating Plant: 10
  • Zinc Phosphate Coating Plant: 1
  • Locked Paint Application Plant: 8

We, as Uysal Makina, are coating the fasteners used in various sectors such as automotive, white goods, construction, machinery, furniture, aviation, biomechanics and railway.