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Human Resources


Norm Group is a group that sets off from the "Human at First" principle and makes its presence strongly felt in today's competitive environment. It takes this feature from giving a high level of importance to the "competitiveness power".
The dynamic structure of the sector it works is also reflected in the structure of Human Resources. It has a strong staff that will lead the change and development in the sector that has adopted Norm's goals and strategies, that is innovative, creative, suitable to team work, highly motivated, confident and that has leadership qualities.
By fulfilling the requirements of the age of innovation, it continuously improves the existing Human Resources. In this sense, it becomes a stronger firm every day with its strong, flexible, dynamic, innovative structure, responding to the opportunities and constraints imposed by the global competitive environment by adapting to them immediately. Norm Group shows the value it gives to human with Social Responsibility Projects such as Norm Technical Training Center, Vocational Training Center, R&D Projects supported by TUBİTAK and the Art Center. Norm Cıvata conducts works to carry Human Resources forward continuously.
This approach is an excellent school that every individual will want to work, with the training and self-development opportunities provided to its employees and with the infinite support for revealing and using the creative and innovative characteristics.
Norm Group offers its employees the appropriate environment that will provide necessary qualifications to exist in a competitive environment and that will ensure both their professional and personal development and a Human Resources System that will manage their individual differences in the correct way.
Along with the basic competencies that must be found in Norm Group employees, the competencies for the tiered structure established according to the position evaluation system are defined separately. These are our key competencies and are used in our processes such as recruitment, promotion, assignment and performance evaluation. 
Norm Group's Human Resources Objective is to create the best work by working with the best people. We are aware that one of the main forces that will carry us to success is our Human Resources, for Norm Group's vision "to be a leading company in the fasteners industry".
We invite you to be with Norm to create value...

Norm Recruitment;

​​​​​​​​​​​​As Norm Group, competencies are one of the criteria we value most in our recruitment processes. It is important that candidates have the following six core competencies, regardless of for which department they are evaluated. 

After the relevant reference checks for the candidates who are found eligible following all these evaluations, they are offered job proposals by the Human Resources Department and the candidates who are eligible for the position start to work. Our overall objective in this process is to question the knowledge, skills and competencies of the people and to ensure that they are positioned in a department that suits their qualifications. 

Our process flow is to determine the need for personnel, position advertisement & receiving applications, creating a candidate pool, CV preliminary screening, HR and director interviews, personality inventories, reference controls, job proposal, recruitment

Norm Group Competencies are:

  • Customer Focus

  • Continuous Improvement

  • Taking Action

  • Self-Development

Wage Management

Wage Management System consists of the tier system, wage market, wage policy and performance system.

Our Benefits

Norm Group employees are provided with fuel aid, festival shopping check, educational aid, birth and marriage aid, foreign language and academic education aid. Individual and family health insurance will be applied on a tier basis. 

Norm Education

Training programs are organized within the scope of development opportunities offered by Norm Group to its employees. As well as Orientation Training and Occupational Training, trainings for Specialization, Personal Development, Management and Leadership Skills are planned and given every year. 

Norm Technical Training Center (NORMTEM)

Established in 2015, NormTEM is a training center established in Norm Group companies to enable our new employees successfully complete the necessary theoretical and practical trainings in a planned and systematic manner in accordance with institutional culture, product, process and quality requirements and to teach them the processes and workstations they will start working. 

Norm Vocational Training Center

Norm Vocational Training Center was established in 2007, under the Ministry of National Education.


Students who start the training center receive theoretical training once a week and take on-the-job training at group's workplaces on the other days.

Training period of our training center students is 3 years and if they become successful in the theoretical exams during the course and the final exam at the end of the training period, they are entitled to a "Journeyman's Certificate". 

​Our students who are successful in our training center start their working life at Norm Group companies. Our other students continue their skill trainings by working in the factories located in A.O.S.B.such as Löher Asansör, Kroma, Ar Can Mak., Eltaş, Dirinler, Elektral, Çiftel, Talay Mak., Detaysan, ZF LEMFÖRDER. 


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