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About Us

Our Policies


Every firm in Norm Group aims to continuously develop with an environmental management system that will prevent waste at its source by applying the necessary technical developments in order to achieve sustainable environmental principles and targets in raw material processing and production phases.
In this context, we give importance to

  • Carry out works to reduce the waste and emissions that may occur during each production and transportation phase, in the source, with financial and technical support and to conduct works on recovery
  • To raise awareness of our employees and ensure their proactive participation in environment and waste management subjects
  • To conduct continual improvement works for our suppliers, customers and employees to continue our environmental sensitivity 
  • To establish the necessary infrastructure to spread our sensitivity towards the environment in various social responsibility projects.
As Norm Holding,
For providing the insight of customer & employee satisfaction focused production and service, our quality policy is determined as;
Ensuring that Quality Management System is understood, applied and sustained by all levels of group companies, 
With the risk approach and zero defect philosophy; Continuously improving the quality management system by preventing failures before they occur and taking required precautions not to repeat defects,
In context of customer specific requirements; Ensuring full and correct service to our customer by meeting all applicable terms and conditions,
Following the developing technology related to fasteners closely and giving continuous training to our employees accordingly,
Aiming continuous development with supplier firms to provide full and correct service to our customers and working with the suppliers that have this vision.